Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Days of Spring

Hello there! So again, I did not post for over a month, sorry. I planned to be back sooner and I even had a few draft posts in the works, but somehow, life just gets in a way.

Winter has ended ( according to the calendar) and we greeted the first day of spring with another snow storm. But yesterday it was warmer and today the sun decided to come out, which cheered me immensely. It was still cold but I decided to at least ditch the boots and the winter coat, as it seemed I have been wearing them for years. I love my coats and boots and since I don't have that many pairs they actually make it easier to dress everyday but this has been a long winter...

Jacket: Warehouse, bought from Asos, top Michael by Michael Kors, Jeans by True Religion, shoes by Vince

I went to see Insurgent (from Divergent Series) with my daughter. We liked it a lot. When she was a couple of years younger I have been conflicted about Hunger Games and worrying that the view of the world is too cynical for a pre-teen but I think she is now mature enough and all those topics are actually good conversation starters and opportunity for some interesting intellectual discussions. so we have seen Divergent and all three Hunger Games movies,  The Giver and Lucy. Even if artistically they are nothing special they all revolve around the question of what makes us human and for that alone, in my opinion, they are worth seeing at this age.


How about you?  Are you enjoying spring and shedding layers of clothing? Have you seen Insurgent and when do you think those kind of movies are age appropriate?


  1. HI AJC,
    So nice that the snow has melted. That outfirt is so striking. I love those shoes. I always admire that style, but they never fit my too wide feet well. I remember the first time I was in a 5th grade class and saw girls reading the Hunger Games. I a thought it was a little mature for them, but they were all devouring the book. Great post!

    1. Thank you KnitYarns! Those shoes are great, I have bought them from Shopbop when they were on significant sale, only one pair left kind of deal. They were still expensive by my standards but I fell in love with them last year and they were my only pump purchase in the last two years. Are they worth it? Well, as far as looks yes, but they are pretty delicate so I am trying to be extra careful.
      As for the Hunger Game, it's funny because i read similar books at that age but somehow I thought my daughter cannot handle them. So I decided to rethink and give her more credit I guess...

  2. Great outfit, looking good! Love everything about it! You folks on the East Coast have had such a winter this year, it truly is time for a weather change!

  3. Thanks Vava! I am a skier so at first I didn't mind but getting a snow storm on 3/21 was testing the limits of my snow tolerance... Hope this is it!
    It was actually quite cold the day I wore this outfit and I was freezing but I was determined that it is spring now!!!

  4. Oh no shedding of clothes till after May for us, "ne'er shed a cloot till May is oot'! But yes, east coast US has had an awful winter, we get it easy in comparison.

  5. We have so much snow I cannot imagine when we will be out of boots! But I am ever-hopeful! I love your outfit! I haven't seen the Divergent films, but have seen the first two Hunger Games movies, which I thought weren't bad, but not great. As an aspiring YA author, I read a lot of these books and there is no dystopian world in my future books, I don't think. Plus the genre is running itself out for awhile, then will cycle back in a few years!

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  7. What a great outfit, you look fresh and windswept and so cool. Love the red with the leather jacket.
    It's hot here someday - 75 degrees and off to the pool, then other windy and chilly.