Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello everybody!

Again, I have been very busy, plus I had some problems with my loptop, so I haven't been posting recently, but I wanted to show you a new graphic t-shirt that I got from J.Crew recently. I don;t see it online, so it is probably coming in the next rollout.

In my opinion it is a very nice rendition of a graphic tee and I was happy to grab it. I miss the great t-shirts that J.Crew used to make and I haven't seen anything that I really liked recently. What I like about this one is that it is a fun make-you-smile print but not too twee or over the top. Keeping the color neutral tones it down but I do like the touch of gold. Of course this is just my personal taste and some may say the birds are the epitome of twee, but I like them. The cut is nice, I took a Small. I tried a Medium thinking that maye it is supposed to be loose fitting but it was just boxy and shapeless. In small it still has a little slouch but it is not clingy. I also like the neckline, the 3/4 sleeves and the hemline. The fabric drapes nicely. It was priced at $45 which of course is a lot for a simple t-shirt and I am sure it will go on sale. I got it with the 25% off, still not cheap but I decided I really liked it and I wanted to wear it right away.

And I did! Last weekend, when I went apple picking with my daughter. Actually we both wore almost matching outfits, although it was not planned. So we both had our new graphic t-shirts in gray, skinny jeans. No I did not wear my pink Valentinas, lol. Her moose shirt and from abercrombie ( I know, we are at that stage, she is 10, sigh).

We had a blast! This weekend we are planning to visit a giant corn maze.

What are you up to?

What do you think about the birds t-shirt?