Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mai Tai

Sorry for not posting or commenting too often on other blogs but I have been very busy my focus has not been on fashion.  I have been attending all the school year end activities and looking for a new job.  I have tried to follow up on what everybody has been up to but there is only a limited number of hours in the day...  

I was again underwhelmed with J.Crew newest offerings, most of the newest rollout is something I already have.  I think I am really off the crewlade because I ceased to see the difference between them and the other retailers.  It used to be that I would complain but for a long time I was convinced that their offerings are unique and somehow better.  Well, not any more.  Part of the reason for it is being away from the shopping frenzy,  part is the disappointment in quality but I think big part is also their recent styling, that somehow manages to be predictable and random at the some time.

Mai Tai Recipe
Mai Tai coctail (source)
Mai Tai print did not get a lot of love or attention in the blogosphere but I was curious about it.  I often tend to fall for floral prints if they have a lot of blue in it. I decided to order a silk tee and a pencil skirt. There is also a dress but it reads juvenile to me with the pleats, high neckline and high waist.  My 10yo judged the shape as too young (for her!) and the print as too old (but I could wear it since I am old).  I also knew the capris would be too much for me. But I thought both the tee and the skirt could be doable, although I wished the skirt would be a-line knee length.  Don't know why because a-line almost never works for me but somehow I think it would be better.

Collection mai tai floral skirt
Collection Mai Tai floral skirt
The skirt is currently showing as sold out but I would think it will pop back soon. 

I ordered size 4 which is my regular pencil skirt size.  The skirt fits me well but I have lost some weight recently so I would think that it runs slightly smaller in the waist and slightly bigger in the hips.  When I measured it comparing to my other size 4 pencils it seems to be about inch difference in both measurements.  The skirt is 67% silk and 33% cotton (with poly lining) so there is no give. It will also tend to wrinkle a little bit but it is not noticable because of the print.  The fabric feels a little stiff, i think it is the silk content.  

I like the piping on the sides, it adds some interest. the back is very slightly longer than the front and instead of the back vent this skirt has small slits on the sides.  The lining ends at the beginning of the slit.

The print is pretty but not as bright and saturated as I hoped.  it somehow looks 'older' irl than in the pictures.

I don't think I love the skirt enough to keep it. What do you think?

Silk tee in Mai Tai floral
Silk Tee in Mai Tai floral
When I placed my order I actually had more hopes for the t-shirt. It is cheaper and I thought it will be easier to wear. I thought it is one of the items that you can easily dress up and down and will provide nice splash of color when worn with solids. 

This tee is cut like other 'silk pocket tees' J.Crew released in the last two years. It is boxy and short with a high neckline.  I know many of you don't like the shape, I personally don't mind it, although it is not the most flattering one. I guess the idea is that it is dressy fabric combined with casual shape.  I still think it would be better if it was slightly longer, slightly nipped in the waist and have a slightly lower neckline. Well, of course that would be probably more expensive to produce.  But here is an idea.  How about losing the pocket to save some pennies? I totally don't see the point of the pocket, it is not functional (what would you put there?) and it is hardly visible.   

I ordered the tee in my regular size 6 and I think it fits TTS, a bit loose and short, as intended.  If you are small chested I think you can size down. 

Again, I like it but I am not sure if I want to keep it. I think I may just wait for the price drop on this one.  


Since I ordered both pieces, I wanted to try the 'hook-up' look. The colors are the same so the pieces match but it is definitely a bold statement. At the same time it needs some toughening up to avoid and 'old lady' vibe. I tried it with black accessories and I think it looks ok, but I am not sure if I would venture out like this (and where??). 

That's all folks!

What do you think of Mai Tai pieces?
Should I keep any of them?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you are like me, you can never have enough perfect fitting black and white tees.  I am always on lookout for the next best simple tee. You know, the one that is not too sloppy and not too clingy, looks sexy but does not show cleavage, has the sleeves with just the right length, drapes like a dream, makes you look effortlessly chic, does not cost a fortune and isn't made by children in the sweatshop ready to collapse.   Is it even possible?

Enter Everlane, company that only makes limited items with 'radical transparency'. Read more about it here. Their t-shirts only cost $15 and I wanted to try them for a while but they were sold out. So when last week I got an email about their u-neck tees being in stock, I immediately placed an order for black and white.  Good thing that I did, because when I checked two days later, they are all but sold out. And ordering two items from them gives you free shipping, gotta love it!   

The Women’s U-neck White Main Image
The Women’s U-neck White
Well, the tees arrived today, so I thought I will review them for you. I have ordered size medium, which should be my size according to their size chart.

Medium was the right choice, giving the shirt just the right amount of slouch.

I would say the cut is great, if you are looking for slightly slouchy.  It has raglan sleeves with nice length and the u-neck is not too low or too wide.  The fabric is rather thin and, in white, it is slightly sheer, but I think it looks more opaque irl, I find that the camera usually emphasizes the sheerness, especially in white.  In my experience, it is very hard to balance the drape with the opaque-ness when it comes to white tees.

 It has the subtle high-low cut but nothing too extreme, I think it makes it drape better.

Lower hem also looks better in the back imo.

The Women’s U-neck Black Main Image
The Women’s U-neck Black
The black shirt seem to be very slightly smaller than the white one. 

Black does not have a problem of sheerness, so it photographs better.  Btw, regardless of sheerness, I find it very hard to photograph white, if you have any tips, please let me know.

These  t-shirts also look great under blazers, I did not take a picture, but the neckline and length work very well with the longer jackets.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchases.  In fact, I would order duplicates if they were available.

I am now awaiting the arrival of their redesigned Ryan tees that should debut in August, according to the website. Of course, you'd be first to know if I get them.

That's all folks!

Have you tried Everlane?

What do you think?
Is radical transparency and made in US important to you?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Party

Lat weekend I got invited to the party at my friends house. I knew the party would start around 5 PM and will probably continue till midnight.  It is always a very fun crowd and I love those parties but of course, I always have a slight dilemma what to wear.  I knew that most guests (especially the women) will be dressed up but not in full party attire, so no cocktail dresses but no jeans either.

I wanted to wear something that would be a little festive but also I wanted to be comfortable. I did not want to wear black since the party started early and it was going to be hot.  I went through a few options and some seemed too dressy and some too casual but eventually I decided to wear this:

I am not sure were this tank is from since I got it as gift from my daughter couple of years ago but I think it was from Urban Outfitters. I like that it has some sparkle but it is not sequins.  I also like that it is blue, not black because the muted shade tones it down even more.

I have to admit that the key to wearing this type of top is finding a right strapless bra.  Most strapless bras are push ups and I hate them, but I love this unlined bra from Soma.  It stays in place has no weird gaping in front, does not squish my girls into an 'uni-boob', does not sit too low and has a very natural look under tanks.

My pants are from J.Crew, they are Maddie linen trousers from two years ago.  My clutch is from Banana Republic and my pewter sandals are from  Sofft.

I think the racer back is what ultimately makes this top party appropriate. Of course it is also great in the very hot weather we have been having recently. 

I  brought my denim jacket, just in case it would get a little colder at night but it was never necessary.  I was happy with my outfit, it was perfect for the occasion and I was very comfortable.


That's all folks!

What is your ultimate summer party attire when you don't want to be over or under-dressed?  Do you even have that dilemma?

Do you have a favorite strapless bra?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

J.Crew Reviews: Shoe Sketch Skirt And Allie Sandals

There hasn't been much that was tempting me at J.Crew lately but I decided to try the Collection silk crepe de chine skirt in shoe sketch and Allie sandals in metallic silver. 

I thought the skirt may be nice for warm weather and I like the print, it is whimsical without being over the top, looks almost abstract from a distance and, after all, it is shoes!

The skirt is mostly sold out as of now and only available in limited sizes, but I am sure it pops back. I ordered it in 6, which is bigger of my skirt sizes, because this is what I usually do for full skirts sitting at 'above the waist', according to a copy.

The skirt is fine on me in size 6, sitting slightly below the navel. Size 4 could have been even better, but it wasn't available. So I would say it fits tts, according to J.Crew sizing.

I like the length of this skirt, finally a full skirt that does not 'falls above the knee', which we know means middle of the tight at usually just too short if you are over 5'2.

The fabric is nice and it has an airy feel.  Lining is poly, but it is not the slippery kind, I don;t mind it, especially in full skirt.  The print is fun.

The base color is off white, bordering on ivory/cream. I don't think it looks good with white, if you were going for all white look. It is better with ivory shades.

Of course it looks good with black but it is easy to pair it with all other solids.  

My difficulty is that I don't like tucking in, especially with full skirt. It is a little tricky to find tops that look good untucked. They cannot be too long or too clingy but should be somehow fitted to offset the full skirt.  Also, because the fabric is airy and floaty, you don;t want anything too thick. The model looks fine with chambray skirt, but I am afraid it would be difficult to find the shirt with such a close fit, so the look would be different irl.

If you don't mind tucking in, you will definitely have much more options.

Overall, I would say it is a very nice skirt and with the 30% off sale price, pretty good value, comparing to other full, truly knee length, all silk skirts in fun print. I have yet decided if I will keep it, what do you think?

I have mentioned previously that I was interested in silver sandals. I even went to the mall last weekend and looked around but I haven't found anything good.  I decided to order Alie sandals to give them a try and maybe get them when the price gets better.
Allie metallic gladiator sandals
Allie metallic gladiator sandals

I ordered my regular size 8.5 and they fit TTS. This is the size I would need.

They are nice, but they seem a little stiff, I am pretty sure they would give me blisters, but then most shoes do. Other than that they are comfortable. They may be pretty wide if you have narrow feet, I don't so they are fine.

I was not very impressed with the look on my feet. I thought they may be better with pants but they were still only OK.  These were not 'the shoes that make any outfit better'.   

Don't get me wrong. They are very nice sandals. But I like to do the 'department store' test in my head And I think that if I have found them in the department store (or discount store) for $49.99 I might have gotten them, as fun shoes for the summer.  But right now, even with 30% discount they are over $100.  To me they are not worth it.
That's all folks!

What do you think of the skirt and the shoes?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!